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Phone Number: Coming soon
Address: 5 Point Wells Rd, Pt Wells, RD6, Warkworth 0986
Website: No additional website
Golf Days: Mon 12-45 for 1pm, Thurs 9-45am and 1pm, Sat 9-45am and 1pm
Association Days: Mon 9-30am for 9-45 play, Wed 10am and 1pm,
Number of Lawns: 2
Club Days: Mon, Wed, Thurs, Sat (please arrive 15 minutes before starting time to add your name to the draw)

Warkworth - 2 Lawns

We are delighted to welcome you to Warkworth Croquet Club.

There can be NO PLAY UNDER LEVEL 3

We DO propose to open under Level 2.

Under L 4 we have been allowed to carry on with maintenance on the lawns, and they have been mown and fertilised and the moss will be sprayed at L3.  The starweed situation is much improved after a lot of hard work so please continue to clean your shoes before coming out to the club.

A portable wash station has been purchased so that we can now wash our hands when needed.

Interclub is all organised and the draw for GC and for AC is under the Interclub tab. Golf croquet may not start on 5 October for Div 1 as planned but we will know more about that in a couple of weeks. Div 2 have their first match on 9 November as October is their bye. Association croquet starts in November.

For those of you who were not involved last year the divisions are briefly outlined as follows:
Div 1 – Level play.  Consists of 4 players, two players 2 and below handicap, and 2 players 3 and above.  Captain Nelson Morrow.

Div 2 – Handicap play.  Consists of 4 players, 7 – 12 handicaps.  Captain Bob Pegram.

The draw will be put on the board at the club.  The rules are in the folder out there.

Please stay safe and well and hopefully we will be back playing croquet again soon. And when we are, please scan the QR Code at the gate and at the Clubhouse to aid any contact tracing so we can all keep safe from Covid19


Covid lockdowns willing, several days of Veteran Golf Croquet championship tournaments are due to be held in the Hamilton region 3,4, & 5 November. Anyone interested should contact the tournament organiser; Simon Macaskill (



From 1 July until at least the end of August the main Golf Croquet playing times will be;

12.45 for 1 pm and 9.30 for 9.45 am for Association play and / or coaching by arrangement, with 1 lawn for GC if required.

THURSDAYS 12.45 for 1 pm

9.30 for 9. 45 and 12.45 for 1 pm – no change

If you find you can only go out early and the lawns are open then you still can but Monday and Thursday afternoons will be the primary weekday Club time.

This change was made to give the lawns time to dry out before everyone walked on them and we do seem to be having full club days on Mondays and Thursdays so the pressure on the lawn is our primary consideration.


Congratulations to the following members who received club trophies at the 2021 AGM

Club Handicapped Doubles:     Nelson Morrow and Sandra Mitchell

Mike Pero Cup for Intermediate Championship Singles:    Marlyn Young  

Club Junior Championship Singles:    Stuart Caulfield

Most Improved Player:     Stuart Caulfield

Burton Trophy for AC Senior/Junior Pairs:     Nelson Morrow and Sue Brodziak

President’s Award for Club Spirit - Friendship and Sportsmanship:   Bob Pegram

From L to R Sue Brodziak, Nelson Morrow, Sandra Mitchell, Marlyn Young, Stuart Caulfield

Elected at the 29 May AGM, we welcome the new club committee

President:    Peter Radley

Secretary:    Marlyn Young

Treasurer:    Sue Brodziak

Committee:    Marion Taylor, Nelson Morrow, Stuart Caulfield, Shirley Scholefield, Michael Cundy

The Committee appointed Marion as Club Captain and Peter as Croquet Auckland Delegate.

Refurbished Lawns 

Good news - the final work is being done on the lawns which will be open for play on Saturday, 8 May. Please observe the guidelines below when playing.


Following our refurbishment of the grounds this month, it is important that we look after the lawns over winter especially, and ongoing through out the year.

We have cleared star weed from the lawns so wash / brush the soles of your shoes often - but definitely if you have been to another club (especially Pakuranga or Henderson) or to a bowling green. We had a bad infestation last year and we do not want a repeat this year.

No walking on the lawns unless playing. In particular when you arrive at the ground walk around the playing lawn NOT across it. Similarly when you leave.

No jump shots.

Do not stand within 2m of a hoop unless you are taking your shot.

There are areas of new grass and several bare patches. Please do not play from these areas – move your ball away.

Golf/Association Croquet Times

Golf Croquet.

MONDAY: AM arrive at 9.30 for a 9.45 start (after 1 July 12-45 for a 1pm start)

THURSDAY: AM arrive at 9.30 for a 9.45 start PM arrive at 12.45 for a 1pm start (From 1 July afternoons only)
SATURDAY: AM arrive at 9.30 for a 9.45 start PM arrive at 12.45 for a 1pm start

Association Croquet: 

Currently Wednesday AM (From 1 July 9-30  for a 9-45 start) but the lawns are available all day for Association Play. If you are interested in learning to play this version of the game please let me know. We would love to have some other players join us.

is a free day for play, practice or coaching.

is a maintenance day for the grounds and there is no play.

– watch this space.

To keep star weed from the lawns  wash/brush the soles of your shoes often - but definitely if you have been to another croquet club (especially Pakuranga or Henderson) or bowling green.
No walking on the lawns unless playing
Do not walk directly onto the lawn when you arrive and leave - walk along the side.

Scan the QR Code at the gate and at the Clubhouse to aid any contact tracing