Some Useful Links

Croquet New Zealand 
World Croquet Federation, the world governing body
World Croquet Federation

Croquet Scores - This site is gradually becoming the place to keep the scores for all your tournaments. Used for both local club and international events. Anyone can use it.

The UK Croquet Association
Croquet Australia
US Croquet Association

The Maui Croquet club in Hawaii has lots of useful information on their web site including coaching advice at

Ian Plummer's invaluable site, a mine of information 
Keith Wylie's seminal book Expert Croquet Tactics is available online. A must read for anybody trying to get their handicap below scratch 
A croquet simulation program including several tutorials from a 4 ball break to a sextuple. Well worth a look here
Croquet Records - everything you ever wanted to know. Who did what.

Hitting a double target - when to shoot at the double and when to aim at one ball - 3 useful sites

John Riches is an Australian coach, sometimes expressing controversial views but he has produced many useful articles and papers about croquet. The HMTL versions are available from the OxfordCroquet web site above. Alternatively the booklets are available in PDF format at

There is also some useful coaching information at 

An interesting article for referees about replacing balls after a collision during a double banked game

Croquet Videos

This section contains links to videos about croquet. It's a real mixed bag. I've given the approximate size and playing time of the videos so that you have some idea of how long they will take to download.

How fast can you complete your TP?
3 recent videos of completed TP's from laid positions. 

James Death - 5 minutes 24 seconds (121MB) 
Robert Fletcher - 5 minutes 17 seconds (21MB) 
James Death - 4 minutes 37 seconds (68MB)

Snippets from the 2014 Yvonne Yeates Invitation - February 2014 (13MB 5mins)

MacRobertson Shield 2014 - random clips (184MB 10min)
The art of the 2 ball break - who needs pioneers?. Low resolution.

Paddy Chapman videos himself doing a hairy triple peel - low resolution 
Part 1 (16MB 7min) 
Part 2 (23MB 9min)

Paddy Chapman demonstrating a vertical spread leave and a straight rover peel and finish - easy!

Chris Clarke has recently started a web site giving a lot of useful information for players at all levels. As well as watching the videos it is worth reading the accompanying text on the web site as well. His web site is

The drive (28MB 3min) 
The stop shot 1 (31MB 3min) 
The stop shot 2 (27MB 2min) 
Half rolls 1 (MB 3min) 
Half rolls 2 (55MB 5min) 
Full and pass rolls (173MB 13min) 
Hop shots (41MB 10min) 
Sweep shots (73MB 6min) 
Faults in sweep shots (44MB 4min) 
Corner 1 cannon (52MB 6min)

Bob Kroeger is a professional American coach who has produced a lot of training videos. Some of his videos deal with American rules croquet but others are applicable to Association and Golf croquet as well. His web site is 

The basic swing (14MB 1min) 
Grips (15MB 1min) 
Casting 1 (2MB 1min) 
Casting 2 (5MB 2min) 
The split shot 1 (16MB 2min) 
The split shot 2 (20MB 1min) 
Croquet stroke (10MB 4min) 
Roquets and hoop shots (42MB 2min) 
Shooting at the peg - keeps head down well (26MB 1min) 
Seven yard roquets (42MB 2min) 
Ten yard roquets - good swing and follow through (45MB 3min) 
Sixteen yard roquets - front and rear view (40MB 2min) 
Jump shots (31MB 2min)

The following series of videos are designed to help referees including strokes shown at normal speed and then in slow motion to help decide when a fault has been made.

Marking balls (7MB 3min) 
Wiring lift entitlement (91MB 7min) 
Double taps (35MB 3min) 
Ordinary croquet strokes (50MB 6min) 
Four hoop shots (30MB 3min) 
Hoop and roquet (13MB 1min) 
Hoop and roquet (5MB 1min) 
Hampered shot 1 (14MB 1min) 
Hampered shot 2 (15MB 1min) 
Hampered shot 9 (13MB 1min) 
9 Hampered shots (56MB 5min) 
More high speed strokes (10MB 3min) 
Golf Croquet -- 6 Clearance Shots - Series 1 (47MB 4min) 
Golf Croquet -- 6 Clearance Shots - Series 2 (40MB 3min) 
Golf Croquet -- Clearance Shots (70MB 4min)

These videos were originally made by Bob Kroeger and comment has been added by James Temlett 
Bevel edge stroke (28MB 2min) 
Brush slice stroke (66MB 4min) 
Double tap (35 MB 3min) 
Crush (63MB 4min) 
Hampered shot (80MB 5 min)

This series of 6 videos was taken at very high speed by the UK Croquet Association in 2006 
Series A Single ball shots (9MB 3min) 
Series B Single ball shots (21MB 7min) 
Series C Croquet shots (26MB 9min) 
Series D Hoop shots (6MB 2min) 
Series E Hammer shots (4MB 1min) 
Series F Jump ball shots (2MB 1min)

And I just couldn't resist including this one.  Jump over peg (1MB 10sec)